Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring JLYSSL Rule re Sportsmanship

Message from Jack Follick, JLYSSL Match Secretary:

All games played as part of the Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League Spring Season are played under the rules posted on In the Spring, these rules apply to games involving Class 3 and the younger Class 1 teams as well as to Class 4 teams.

The main difference between the JLYSSL rules and the D4 Competitive Playing League rules is Rule 23 which is known as the Sportmanship Rule. This JLYSSL rule requires that a the coach remove a player after his team takes a four goal lead, and continue to take off players as the lead increases. The minimum number of players for U12 and older is seven and for U10 it is five. When the losing team scores a goal, the winning team may put a player back on. Coaches are expected to take off their BEST players and give their subs more playing time when leading by four or more goals.